Subscription Plan

To use the template in 'Active' mode you must have processings (read more about template mode in Template mode topic).

You can see your current processings amount on dashboard page:

You can add processings to your account by buying a subscription. You pay money during subscription purchase and there would be a recurring charge from your credit card every month starting from the next month from the date when you bought it. The amount of money in recurring charge equals to subscription plan cost.

However, currently, recurring charges by subscription are disabled in the system.

It means that:

  1. You buy a subscription as usual with one single charge
  2. Your processings amount are increased according to selected Subscription Plan
  3. If you have had existing processings (processings amount > 0), then newly bought proccessings are added to the existing processings
  4. At the end of the month period, nothing happens: no recurring charges by subscription occur and your processings amount stays the same
  5. To add new proccessings to your account you can cancel the current subscription and buy it again
  6. We will notify you about any changes

We provide 4 subscription plans:

  1. Starter - 30 processings for 15$
  2. Basic - 100 processings for 40$
  3. Pro - 500 processings for 100$
  4. Business - 2500 processings for 250$

You manage your subscriptions on your 'Profile' page on 'Subscription Plan' tab:

If you want to buy a subscription you can click on 'Buy' button to make an order. It can take some time to process the order (usually it happens quickly), and during this process, you can see a form showing order details and status:

You must finish the subscription order. You can't make a new order while you have already one. If you want to cancel an order you must contact our manager: