Excel File Data Source

You can use an Excel file (XLS or XLSX) as a data source for templating.

However, there is a list of important things:

  • The system reads data only from the first Sheet of the Workbook
  • The first row of data is headers row where each cell's value is a name of the field
  • Every row starting from the second treated as a separate data row (read more here: Data Sources)
  • A table cell can be of types: number, date, text, boolean, be blank or containing a formula
  • Cell value is taken literally or as a result of evaluation if there is a formula
  • If formula evaluation fails due to error the result will be something like "#DIV/0!"
  • You can define an array of elements inside text cell using the semicolon as a separator (be careful, semicolon character inside text cell always splits your data)

In Excel, it is possible that between rows full of data can be rows where all cells are empty. Such rows are skipped in processing, however, if at least one cell from the table row has value then this row will be included into file generation. Be careful of whitespaces in cells or any other extra data in cells that meant to be empty.

Here is a list of Excel data files examples: