Email Delivery

Templates can also be delivered by email. Open a form to create a new delivery method with type 'Email' on 'Delivery Methods' page:

Here you can specify one or multiple recipients, subject and body of the email message, which is HTML markup. You can also use placeholders in inputs the same way like in document template body. For example, if you have a list of recipients in your data you can put them automatically (separated by commas) into 'Send to' input. In this case, the first recipient in the email list will receive an original message and all others receive a carbon copy(CC). You can template body of the email the same way as you template documents because the same engine is used - FreeMarker. However, the sender of the email will be

If you want to configure your own sender, you can click on 'Use own SMTP configuration' and form will be expanded.

Check that all email properties are correct and then click on 'Test connection' button. This action establishes a test connection to the mail server with specified credentials so that you can see if there are any problems immediately. Later, your custom SMTP configuration can be used again in other email delivery methods. So, when you choose 'Create new configuration' on the dropdown and specify all values in the form you create a new email sender. When you choose the existing sender from dropdown it's values are inserted into the form and if you change these values and click on 'Save' button then your sender will be updated.