Data Sources

Template data is a set of values that correspond to field names that you have defined in placeholders. Data can be provided from a file and a Data List. We support CSV, XML, JSON and Excel file formats.

The system reads your data as a set of rows and for each row, it starts one file generation. Please note, that for each such generation one processings will be withdrawn (you can read more about processings in Subscription Plan page). A data row has different representation depending on the file type.

Your file with data must be valid according to its type. For example, XML file must be well-formed and have one root element. If you have values that represent dates in your data and you want them to be automatically parsed into date type values in the system you must use ISO 8601 format. Otherwise, your dates will be treated as strings and you can only use a formatting function in your placeholders if you want operations with dates (read more about it in Expressions and advanced features topic and Built-ins for strings FreeMarker documentation).

Read more about each data source type in a list of sub-topics: