Alfresco - Docprocessor

You can use features of Docprocessor inside Alfresco platform. All you need to download and install Alfresco AMP files and to add your Docprocessor credentials to alfresco configuration file (See configuration section)

How it works

You can upload template files into Alfresco repository and merge it with Alfresco model properties. Just click new action called Process template and set properties that should be substituted into template file. Alfresco calls Docprocessor API and you get filled file.

Available features

  • generate documents using template files and Alfresco model properties
  • link template files with different Alfresco model types
  • generate documents in test mode in order to configure view of template you would like

Here is video presentation:

How to configure

After AMP files installation you need to add Docprocessor credentials to file. Use your email and password from Docprocessor


Here is tutorial how it can be done.

How to use

When all configuration done log into Alfresco Share and find Repository/Data Dictionary/Document Templates folder. It is for your templates. Upload new one here and point at model type to use with template (all custom types that extend cm:content are available). Also you can disable test mode here (it can be overridden on each generation).

Next step is to set user/group permissions for template. Add read permissions for users that you want to use this template.

If at least one template is available for you the new action button appears on panel (Process template). Click it and you will see templates list you can choose from for document generation.

Set properties and click save. Be careful if template is not in test mode it charges your Docprocessor credit. So you can try it in test mode at first to check that you get document that looks like you want. At this step you can enable/disable test mode just for current generation (Test mode checkbox)

All done! You got filled document. If you want to rerun template processing for this document just click Process Template action and define new properties. You will get new version of this document so you will not loose old one and can revert back anytime.